There are several trust laws and legislative requirements for setting up a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF). Typically you need to:

  • Obtain a trust deed
  • Appoint trustees
  • Sign a trustee declaration (NAT 71089)
  • Elect to become a regulated fund
  • Obtain a tax file number (TFN)
  • Obtain an Australian business number (ABN)

At Astims SWM we provide the professional advice you need to set up your own fund and greatly simplify the process for you. We are able to provide all the services required by law to effectively manage your Self-Managed Superannuation Fund, including preparing advice tailored to your Superannuation Fund to meet your goals!

We are also able to help with the complication process of consolidating your Superannuation Funds. Come talk to us and we can guide you through the stages. What shape is your super in?

Are you confident that you are on-track to live comfortably in retirement?

The legislation that governs super is very complex and often changes, so many people do not make the best use of their benefits or the tax concessions that super can provide.

When it comes to the confusing world of superannuation, there is no substitute for professional experience and knowledge – that’s where Astims SWM can help.

With us, the following processes in the establishment, growth and maintenance stages of your Self Managed Superannuation Funds life, we are able to provide, quick, efficient and cost efficient services which suit your needs and requirements, including:

  • Start up and Maintenance/Guidance of a Self-Managed Super Fund
  • Consolidating your Super
  • Audits of Superannuation Funds